April 25, 2022

Art Eatables Imposes Unconscionable Noncompete Agreements on Entry Level Employees

Craig Henry PLC filed suit against Art Eatables alleging that Art Eatables intentionally interfered with a former employee’s new job. This case is a classic example […]
February 8, 2022

Craig Henry PLC files suit against Shriners International and Kosair Shrine alleging sexual harassment

Craig Henry PLC recently filed suit against the Kosair Shriners, the Shriner’s International organization, and an individual Shriner on behalf of two young women. In the […]
January 3, 2021

New Rules for Tipped Employees

The Department of Labor just released a new tip pooling rule that’s caused a lot of confusion. If you are a tipped employee working in Kentucky, […]
December 4, 2020

Another Failure of Kentucky’s Office of Bar Admissions

The Kentucky Bar Bureaucracy’s egregious conduct yesterday is another failure of the “lawyers who decide who else can be a lawyer,” as Judge Justin Walker wrote […]
October 19, 2020

A Supreme Disappointment

All too often, Supreme Court nominations and final decisions are viewed as national issues, impacting large scale issues in our country. While that’s true, the impact […]
September 4, 2020

Judge Condemns State Sanctioned Harassment of Aspiring Lawyers

Craig Henry PLC is pleased that the District Court for the Western District of Kentucky recognized the troubling issues apparent in the “Bar Bureaucracy’s” treatment of our […]
May 30, 2019

Mobile Home Water Bills

Mobile home parks might be allowed to charge tenants for water usage. Under a new regulation, mobile home parks may bill tenants for water under certain […]
January 17, 2019

Craig Henry PLC victory against Louisville Metro and the Police Merit Board

Craig Henry PLC recently won a case against the Louisville Police Merit Board and Louisville Metro on behalf of five LMPD employees. We argued that LMPD […]
January 7, 2019

Student Loan Forgiveness Settlement and Credit Reporting

Sullivan University and Career Education Corp. are agreeing to forgive $4,000,000 in student loan debt for Kentucky consumers and former Spencerian College students. The settlement arises […]
November 26, 2018

Consumer Privacy Increasingly at Risk

As reported by ProPublica and Business Insider, the insurance industry has a concerning new practice related to sleep apnea treatments. CPAP machines are transmitting patients’ private […]