Consumer Privacy Increasingly at Risk

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November 15, 2018
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January 7, 2019
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Consumer Privacy Increasingly at Risk

As reported by ProPublica and Business Insider, the insurance industry has a concerning new practice related to sleep apnea treatments. CPAP machines are transmitting patients’ private data to people other than doctors, such as insurance companies and medical supply companies. In some cases, patients and consumers never know their data is shared. Insurance companies argue this invasion of privacy is needed to ensure patients use CPAP machines as prescribed.

However, consumer advocates say the data is only collected to make it easier to cancel insurance coverage. Advocates also argue data collection is used to promote other deceptive business practices. In some cases, patients are required to rent, rather than purchase, CPAP machines – forcing consumers to spend much more than they should.

No company should collect and use your confidential medical data without your consent. And no company should hide behind deceptive business practices to take your money that could be spent on better treatment options elsewhere. In Kentucky, the Kentucky Consumer Protection Act protects consumers from such deceptive and misleading business practices.

Call Craig Henry PLC if you believe you were lied to or mislead by an insurance or medical supply company regarding the sharing of your private data or the cost of your treatments. Our lawyers are experienced in consumer litigation issues and are happy to evaluate your potential case.

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