Mobile Home Water Bills

Mobile home parks might be allowed to charge tenants for water usage. Under a new regulation, mobile home parks may bill tenants for water under certain conditions.

One of those conditions is that the water bill cannot be more than a tenant’s share of the actual amount charged to the park by the water company. The amount charged to an individual tenant must be based on the tenant’s actual water usage in proportion to the total amount of water used by the entire property. To determine the tenant’s share of the water bill, a mobile home park must use a submeter showing each individual mobile home’s water usage.

If you live in a mobile home park and would like to know if your water bill meets this new regulation’s requirements, please call us. If you do not have a submeter and you are paying for water usage, or if you are paying a higher amount for water than your neighbors, you may have a claim.

If you would like us to review your water bill, please email it to [email protected] or call us at (502) 614-5962.

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