Kentucky Unfair Debt Collection Complaints Exceed National Trend

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August 24, 2017
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Kentucky Unfair Debt Collection Complaints Exceed National Trend

The Consumer Protection Financial Bureau released state-by-state statistics this summer, and Kentucky leads the national average in unfair debt collection complaints.  Since 2011, more than 9,000 Kentucky consumers have filed complaints with the CFPB regarding unfair debt collection practices.

Of those 9,000 complaints, more than 3,000 focused on unfair debt collection practices.  Thirty-seven percent of those complaints alleged that debt collectors were seeking to collect debts not owed, a violation of the Unfair Debt Collection Practices Act.  In fact, 35% of all complaints submitted to the CFPB from Kentucky focused on unfair debt collection practices, a full eight points higher than the national average.

Further, Kentucky consumers filed 1,577 complaints regarding credit reporting disputes, including 1,265 complaints that information on Kentucky resident’s credit reports was inaccurate.  These statistics were on par with national trends.

The CFPB’s Kentucky statistics can be accessed here: Kentucky Consumer Complaints.  If you have been the victim of an attempt to collect a debt not owed, or if you have identified incorrect information on your credit report, please call us to see if we can help you.

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