Odometer Fraud Still Exists

Mention odometer fraud to someone, and most people will likely imagine traditional, mechanical odometers and jokes about driving cars backwards. However, odometer fraud still exists in the digital age and is a serious violation of Kentucky law.

Thankfully, Kentucky protects consumers who are the unfortunate victims of this deceitful act. Kentucky law prohibits several acts relating to tampering with all types of odometers, including:

  • Selling or using tools that can change a vehicle’s mileage;
  • Disconnecting, resetting, or altering a vehicle’s odometer;
  • Operating a vehicle that has a disconnected odometer; and
  • Conspiring with another person to commit illegal odometer acts.

Kentucky law also prohibits unfair business practices regarding all types of odometers, including:

  • Failing to notify a buyer that an odometer had to be reset to zero and what the last known mileage was;
  • Failing to disclose what the actual mileage is at the time of purchase or that the actual mileage is unknown; and
  • Providing false statements to a buyer concerning a vehicle’s mileage.

Unfortunately, some dealers and individuals ignore these rules and continue to commit odometer fraud. If you are the victim of odometer fraud, or “odometer rollback,” you may be entitled to compensation. Kentucky law allows a victim to recover three times the amount of their damages or $1,500, whichever is higher. Victims may also recover their attorney fees if successful in court.

If you purchased a vehicle subject to odometer fraud, contact the attorneys at Craig Henry PLC today. Our lawyers are experienced in automobile fraud cases and are happy to evaluate your potential case. Call (502) 614-5962 today.

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