Kentucky employers are required to pay for travel time under some circumstances

Employees commuting to and from work are usually not paid for the time they spend travelling. But under some circumstances, the employer must pay for travel time. Construction, home repair and landscaping employees often meet at a designated location to pick up work assignments, tools, equipment and other materials and then travel as a group in a work vehicle to their assignment. The employer may have to pay for this travel time to the assignment and then back to the employees’ personal vehicle at the end of the day. Other employees work on site at a school or day care for several hours presenting fitness or other educational programs and then travel to another school or day care to present the same program later the same day. The travel time between those two assignments might be compensable as well under both federal and Kentucky state law.

It is very important to keep accurate records of the time you spend traveling for work and actually performing your job duties. We recommend keeping a calendar or planner in which you note the time you start and stop work each day. Compare your notes to your pay stub every pay period to ensure that you are fully compensated for your work time.

If you are being paid reduced wages or no wages at all for time spent traveling between work assignments or aren’t being paid for all the hours you work, please contact us to discuss your situation. You may be able to recover your hourly pay and other damages.

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