Wrongful Repossession Storage Fees

When a motor vehicle is repossessed by anyone for any reason, Kentucky law requires that the repossession agent send notice to the vehicle’s owner.  The purpose for this law is to let Kentucky consumers how they can retrieve their car. The notice must be sent by certified mail to the registered owner at the address of record of the motor vehicle within ten business days of the repossession.  The notice must contain the the location of the vehicle and any reasonable charges for towing, recovery, storage, transporting, and other applicable charges due.  Importantly, the motor vehicle storage facility forfeits all storage fees accrued after ten business days from the date of tow if the facility fails to send this notice.

Many Kentucky repossession companies ignore these requirements.  Craig Henry PLC recently obtained judgment against a repossession company on Preston Highway in Shepherdsville.  This company ignored Kentucky law’s notice requirement and refused to surrender a motor vehicle to our client unless the client paid nearly $4,000 in towing and storage fees.  After we filed suit, the repossession company quickly agreed to a judgment, waived all storage fees, paid our client all costs of the litigation, and immediately returned our client’s vehicle.

If you believe your motor vehicle was wrongly repossessed, please call us for a free consultation.

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