Rachel Gayheart Dies While Incarcerated in Kentucky

Rachel Gayheart died last month while incarcerated in Kentucky.  The sister of actress Rebecca Gayheart, Rachel reportedly experienced respiratory problems, perhaps pneumonia, while incarcerated at Kentucky River Regional Jail in Hazard, Kentucky.  The jail transported her to a local hospital where she ultimately died.

While the details of Gayheart’s illness are not yet known, Kentucky jail officials may be liable for her death depending on what they knew and how they responded.  Generally, to prove jail officials violated a Kentucky jail inmates’ civil rights, the inmate or her legal representative must show that jail officials, including medical staff, had actual knowledge of a serious medical need and did not respond reasonably to the risk.

Common examples of jail officials’ failure to respond reasonably to a medical risk include: denying or delaying access to treatment, denying access to medical personnel qualified to exercise judgment about a particular medical problem, failing to inquire into essential facts that are necessary to make a professional judgment, interfering with medical judgment by factors unrelated to inmates’ medical needs, and failing to carry out medical orders.

If you or a loved one has been denied medical care at a Kentucky jail or Kentucky prison, Craig Henry PLC offers a free consultation to discuss your situation and advise you of your legal options.

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