Kentucky lawyers file religious discrimination claim against AT&T

Craig Henry PLC recently filed a lawsuit against AT&T on behalf of two Christian employees who were terminated after being forced to share their religious beliefs regarding transgender individuals. In the lawsuit, the employees allege that they were responsible for managing an employee who began to transition from male to female. They were supportive of the transition, using the employee’s new chosen name and supporting the employee’s use of the restroom of her choice. Although both plaintiffs hold religious views that an individual should not change their birth assigned gender, they did not share these views until forced to do so by AT&T’s Human Resources personnel. Once they shared their personal religious views, they were terminated for failing to handle transgender issues properly.

In the lawsuit, we allege their terminations violated the Kentucky Civil Rights Act’s prohibition on religious discrimination, particularly given the plaintiffs’ support of the employee’s transition in the workplace. The complete complaint is available here.

Both Kentucky and federal law prohibit harassment based on race, religion, age, national origin, sex and disability. When co-workers or managers allow a workplace to be permeated with comments, jokes, and slurs based on these characteristics, or engage in differential treatment based on these characteristics, the employer may be liable for the damages. Craig Henry PLC routinely represents individuals who have been subjected to discrimination or harassment in their workplace. If you have experienced a violation of your rights at work, please call us to discuss your situation and your potential claims.

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