Kentucky lawyers fight religious freedom violations

There has been tremendous media coverage of Craig Henry lawyer Aaron Bentley’s federal lawsuit on behalf of Kentucky State Penitentiary inmate Bill Meece. Aaron is seeking restoration of Mr. Meece’s right to receive Kosher meals in accordance with his Reform Judaism religion while incarcerated.

Bill’s case highlights an important issue that arises in prisons and jails but also in other settings. As a general rule, individuals have the right to practice their religion and also have the right to be free from the forced practice of their or any other religion by the government. For instance, students in public schools cannot be required to engage in prayer or religious bible study whether student led or school led. So a group prayer by the cross country team before a meet is impermissible. But any student who wishes to engage in individual prayer before the meet is certainly permitted to do so. Similarly, schools cannot provide resources (such as a captive student audience) to speakers who wish to proselytize, even if the religious message is advertised as motivational or inspirational.

Craig Henry PLC represents individuals who seek to enforce their right to engage in religious activity without interference by the government and those who wish to challenge their forced participation in religious activities by the government, whether those issues arise in their employment, education, their interactions with the justice system or any other environment. If you or a loved one is experiencing these issues, please call for a free consultation.

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