Injured by a negligent driver while biking?

Louisville is working hard to improve the safety of bicyclists in our community by adding bike lanes and increasing driver awareness of bikes on the roads. But even with these improvements, biking in our community continues to be fraught with risks due to distracted drivers and, at times, drivers who are intentionally hostile to bicyclists sharing the roads.

In a car-bike accident, the car rarely loses and the cyclist is left to pick up the pieces – of their health and their bike. When the accident occurs due to the negligence of the driver, it is possible to pursue legal action against the driver to recover the costs associated with the accident. This can include the costs of medical treatment, bike repair or replacement, and pain and suffering.

Our attorneys, who live and bike in this community, provide free consultations to injured cyclists to review their case and determine whether litigation is an appropriate course of action. We pride ourselves on providing you with a realistic assessment of the likelihood of success in your claim so that you can make a carefully considered decision. If you were injured in a car-bike collision, we look forward to helping you obtain the compensation you are entitled to. Please call our office to discuss your situation.

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