Craig Henry files suit against Laurel County Correctional Center on behalf of the Freedom From Religion Foundation

Today, Craig Henry filed suit against Laurel County Correctional Center on behalf of its client, Freedom From Religion Foundation. In the lawsuit, FFRF asks the Court to enforce a decision by Kentucky’s Attorney General that the Laurel County jailer violated Kentucky’s Open Records Act when he refused to provide records in response to FFRF’s request.

In October 2017, FFRF asked for records related to a “Night of Prayer” event organized by Laurel County’s jailer. FFRF also requested records related to the jail’s religious and substance abuse programming. The jail provided some records but refused to answer most of the requests. FFRF asked Kentucky’s Attorney General to review the jail’s response. After a thorough review, the Attorney General found that the jail repeatedly violated Kentucky’s Open Records Act. The jail did not appeal the Attorney General’s decision but it continued to refuse to provide the requested records. FFRF filed suit to obtain the requested records. It also asked the Court to order the jail to pay a statutory fine for violating the Open Records Act and pay FFRF’s attorney fees and costs.

A copy of the lawsuit is available here.  More information is also available at FFRF’s website.

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