Choosing a lawyer to represent you in your claim against your employer or a creditor is an important decision and one that should only be made after serious consideration. The attorney you choose will be your partner for years, working on your behalf to bring your case to a successful conclusion. Not only do you want an attorney who is well-versed in the area of law related to your claim, you want an attorney with whom you feel comfortable sharing the details of your life.

As you consider who you want to represent you, we suggest you do the following:

  • Talk to several attorneys who represent people in the area of your claim. If you speak to an attorney who says he doesn’t handle your type of case, ask who he recommends.
  • Ask the attorney about her experience in cases similar to yours. Although attorneys are bound by attorney-client confidentiality rules, she should be able to speak about her experience and success rates in general terms.
  • Ask for references from clients who have cases similar to yours. When you speak to the references, ask about the attorney’s responsiveness to phone calls and email, ability to explain the legal process, and overall satisfaction with the services received.
  • Ask about payment arrangements.

Be cautious of any attorney who gives you an assessment of the quality of your case after a few minutes on the phone. And beware of someone who tells you that you have “an open and shut” case during a telephone consultation. Although that might be exactly what you want to hear, you deserve an objective assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your case. An attorney who explains the risks as well as the possible benefits is providing you with the information you need to know before committing to spending the next several years in court.

Craig Henry PLC’s policy is to give every potential client a realistic assessment of his case. And if Craig Henry PLC is not the right fit for you or your claim, we will be up front about that as well.

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